Who we are

InGen specialises in developing and marketing innovative in vitro diagnostic products*, for use in medical biology laboratories.

InGen is founded on strong values : the quest for excellence in our product lines and services, listening to and understanding the needs of the medical profession and mutual trust with our partners.
Flexibility, responsiveness and customer focus are recurring themes for all our employees.

* An in vitro diagnostic medical device is a product or instrument made by its manufacturer for in vitro use to examine samples from the human body, with the aim of providing information, particularly about the physiological or pathological condition of a person or about a congenital abnormality.


InGen offers medical biology professionals resources to quickly, reliably and accurately get information on the physiological, pathological and genetic status or their patients.

Taking into consideration the uniqueness of each patient as well as the needs of healthcare professionnals, InGen focuses on innovative products and services aiming at excellence. We contribute to the development of personalized medicine and health improvement.